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Web Apps

Don't shape your business around your IT
Shape your IT around your business...

When you have tried off the shelf solutions and they don't fit your
business then you need to consider getting the solution tailor made.

We design and build custom made web apps that can meet your exact requirements which can be integrated into other systems such as accounts software, stock control systems, payment providers or and many SaaS solutions.

Sometimes off the shelf software and services cause more problems than they solve.

The web is an ideal platform to host your application as you can access this from any device which makes updates and maintenance a breeze.

Approximately 4 out of 5 software development projects are either late or over budget. Most IT consultants get a list of requirements and then build you a solution to meet those requirements. Then when you start to use the software you realise it is not what your business needs.

You are then caught in either a dispute with the company or hit delays and additional costs. We have a unique approach to bespoke web app development. We have a well refined approach that will allow you to see visuals of the system before any of the time consuming programming has started. The designs allow you to do a virtual walk through of the app and allow you to tweak, change and improve the user experience with minimum time and cost. This approach allows us to build your web app efficiently and you get a system that is much easier to bed in.

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