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Terms of Business

ITS new media Ltd Terms of Business

  1. Project Cancellation: You have a right to cancel your project at any time. In order to cancel a project you would need to write or e-mail us saying you wish to do so. We will calculate the time spent on the project and will either deduct it from the initial stage payment you gave us or invoice you for any additional work completed outside of this. If the time spent on the project is less than the stage payment you gave us we will refund the difference. We have the right to cancel the project at any stage should we see that the client is not working within the approach guidelines set out in the agreed proposal.

  2. Cancellation of On-Going Services: Your on-going services are not in contract for any period of time. You have the right to cancel any of our on-going services at any time. In order to cancel any service you will need to write to or e-mail us saying you wish to do so. For cancellation of services we will need at least 2 weeks' notice in order to work through a cancellation process. If transferring your domain name away from us we will need you to complete a domain release form and provide us with 2 weeks' notice to ensure a smooth transfer. If you have used more maintenance time than the allocated time within the months you have paid for then we will invoice you for the time that you have used.

  3. Additional Work: We will aim to get all work completed within agreed specifications and costs. During the project additional work is usually requested which is not in the agreed specifications. We can usually accommodate additional structural and design specifications in the project if they are notified at the concept/design stage. We can accommodate some additional content specifications if they are supplied with the content in one batch. If additional work is required which goes outside the scope of the project we may invoice you for the additional time taken to carry out this work.

  4. Design Approval: Once the design is approved and the website build has started then any further additional design or layout changes will be counted as additional development and may be invoiced.

  5. Support: We provide training for our systems during the website handover. We offer follow up support customer support for general queries regarding the website and any of our applications such as our own content management system, e-zine etc. If you require more support we can organise further training. We cannot support your 3rd party software or any other online services or applications not exclusively built by ITS new media. Our telephone and e-mail support hours are 8.30am to 5pm Monday to Friday. (excluding Northern Ireland Bank Holidays & the week after Christmas) We aim to respond to all support enquiries within 1 working day, however if the issue requires a more in depth technical assessment or the support team are very busy then this may take longer. We do not provide software or hardware support for computers, mobile devices or your network. We do provide an e-mail service and will provide you with the settings for e-mail accounts however we cannot set-up or configuration on your devices. If you are having e-mail issues we will test your account settings if these are working then you will need to contact dedicated IT support organisation to deal with the issue.

  6. Maintenance: You can get changes made to your website or web application by e-mailing your changes. Maintenance requests should be submitted via e-mail to updates@itsnewmedia.com. Once changes have been received they can take up to 3-5 working days to be completed, this may take longer in busy periods. If changes are urgent or need to be completed in a specified time then this will need to be clarified with ITS new media. If your changes require

  7. Support & Maintenance Costs: We will provide you with a Support Cost which includes hosting, can be paid yearly or monthly. We will review the support costs and terms and increase them if we have to spend more time supporting your website or web application answering queries.

  8. Fixes: Our website and web apps are bespoke i.e. they are not off the shelf solutions and may require a higher level of tweaking after the website goes live. We provide fixes free of charge for the first year after the website goes live. Any fixes not completed after this date may be charged as additional development

  9. Changes: We provide a 2 week period of grace for changes after the website is live. Any changes after this period of time may be charged as maintenance.

  10. Hosting & E-mail Downtime: We host websites and e-mails with a number of ISPs and therefore have a varied response time to hosting & e-mail support issues.

  11. Payments:
    1. Project Payments are usually made in 4 stages of 25%.
      1. Deposit: this is paid to start the project
      2. Design Approval: once the design has been approved
      3. First Draft: when the first draft has been sent to the client
      4. Live: when the website or web app is uploaded onto the primary domain name.
    2. On Going Payments can be paid monthly or yearly by Direct Debit (or Standing Order if you are base in Ireland)
    3. Maintenance payments are usually made in two stages of 50%. First payment is made at the start of the work and the remaining payment is made after the work has been uploaded onto the primary domain name.

  12. Search Engine Listings: We will submit your website to Google and in general the websites we produce do get very good listings. However we cannot guarantee you will be listed with Google or any other search engine. Search engines are constantly refining their algorithms. ITS new media will not be held liable for any loss of business due to search listings.

  13. Copyright and Intellectual Property of Code and graphics: The website graphics, database, content and front end code all belong to the client (upon full payment for the service). The source code of completely bespoke web applications belongs to ITS new media and cannot be resold or reused without consent from ITS new media. The source code of web applications such as the content management system, e-zine and e-commerce applications remain the full property of ITS new media. The content management system, e-commerce systems and e-zine are all proprietary to ITS new media and cannot be transferred or hosted with another company.

  14. Copyright and Intellectual Property of Photos: It is the client’s responsibility to check that they have permission to use photographs that they supply or add onto the website.

  15. Stock Photography: If you require photography then we can purchase photographs from online stock photography suppliers and use these in the design and also the main body content. You have the right to use these on the website. If you need a copy of the photos we can e-mail these to you however if you need them in a higher resolution then you will need to purchase these yourself from the stock photography website - we can point you in the right direction.

  16. Third Party Software and Applications: As part of your website set-up or as part of ongoing maintenance we will from time to time add/integrate 3rd party applications to your website. Although we will test each application at the time of integration further updates by the companies that provide the application may cause it to stop working. Although we can work to fix any issues we will need to charge for our time.

  17. Access to our servers: In order to protect the security of your website and our intellectual property we do not allow anyone access to our servers other than the server engineers and our web developers.

  18. Project Stages and Approximate Timescales: We will outline a timescale at the start of any project and in general we can get the projects completed within this time frame.

    1. Concept: We will supply a concept within two weeks

    2. Concept Approval: this can take about a week for changes and approval

    3. First Draft: When the concept is approved and we receive all the text " photos we can present a draft of the website within two weeks

    4. Changes: We arrange to get any changes that may be required

    5. Live: We test the website and content management system then go live

    6. Further Changes: We expect any further changes within two weeks of the website going live.