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Responsive web design is when your website automatically changes to a different layout and navigation to suit the device that it is being viewed on. The website can detect the type of device and then respond by presenting the website in a different format.

Approximately 70% of the population in the UK (50% in Ireland) use a smart phone and many websites are now getting accessed more by smart phones and tablets than by desktop devices.


What are the benefits of having a responsive Website?

  • It Will Improve Your Conversion Rates: Responsive websites have more prominent calls to action such as "call now" which allows the prospects to easily contact you and improves your conversion.
  • It Will Improve Your Sales: Sales via smart phones & tablets are soaring; having your website more accessible via other devices has shown to increase sales.
  • A More Engaging User Experience: When users can access your website easier via their preferred device then they will stay on the website longer.
  • Cost Effective: Development of a responsive website is a lot less time than the development of a mobile website.
  • Easy to Maintain: The content is centralised so that you only need to add content to one area. This also makes the website more search engine friendly.
  • Improves your profile: Your business will be seen, as keeping up to do date with trends and customer requirements.

Recent Responsive Websites

Hagans Leisure_Web Designers Belfast

Hagans Leisure

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Shannons Jewellers

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Ophelia Lingerie

Citizens Advice Bureau_Web Designers Belfast

Citizens Advice Bureau

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  • Hagans Leisure_Web Designers Belfast
  • Shannons Ecommerce_Web Designers Belfast
  • Ophelia Lingerie_Web Designers Belfast
  • Citizens Advice Bureau_Web Designers Belfast

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