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Remarketing is banner advertising that only targets internet users who have visited your website before.

A tag is added to your website and if someone visits your website and then visits one of the thousands of websites that are connected with the Banner Network then your advert will appear. Your banner can appear on the most popular websites including youtube.com, thesun.co.uk and thousands of other popular websites both local and international. The banners work on a pay per click basis so they can be much more cost effective than traditional banner advertising.

Some online retailers have claimed that remarketing has increased their conversion rates by 600%.

Benefits of Remarketing

  • Cost effective: The service is more cost effective than traditional banner advertising as you only pay when a user clicks on the service.
  • Direct: Only users who have visited your website before will see the banners therefore you are directly targeting visitors who have had a previous interest in your business.
  • Builds Your Brand: Website visitors will start to see adverts for your business on many websites and this increases your profile and builds your brand – whether they click or not.
  • Increase Conversions: Users who click on your website are more likely to make purchases as they have been reminded about your business.

Our Service

  • Design the Banners: We will design up the 19 different banners required for the banner network.
  • Tracking Code: We will add tracking code to your website so that it can track website visitors.
  • Set Up the Campaign: We will set-up your campaign, add in your banners, set your budget and your ad.
  • Reviews: We will review your campaign and discuss results and options to improve your campaign and get a better ROI.
  • Reporting: You will receive e-mail reports on the campaign stats such as number of impressions, clicks and spend per advert.