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Content Management System

Synergy Publisher is a powerful, dynamic but easy to use Content Management System that has been built and used exclusively by web developers in ITS new media. We have over 15 years' experience in designing, building and supporting content management systems for small to medium business so we know what works best for your business.

  • Design Freedom: Use of the system enables our development team to build a true bespoke front end giving you and the designers the freedom to have any type of web design style and layout you want.
  • Ease of Use: Synergy Publisher is powerful but it is still very easy to use. Also it is designed as a Content Management System not a Site Builder therefore it not over complicated.
  • Flexible & Scalable: The system is flexible so that it can be easily customised to meet your exact requirements and can be easily enhanced to scale up for future advances in your digital marketing strategy.
  • Search Engine Friendly: Search Engine Optimisation has been in our DNA since we started the company in 1998 so you can expect the highest standards of onsite optimisation features in our content management system.
  • Peace of Mind Support: We will provide you with on-site training, a manual and you have access to our ongoing telephone and e-mail support should you have any queries.

Synergy Publisher Features

  • Easy Content Editing: You will have the ability to format text, images and links within WYSIWYG text editor.
  • Media Manager: You can add and centrally manage photos and files in one location to be used throughout the website.
  • Photo Optimisation: Photos can be uploaded and automatically resized so they appear as the designer had intended and download faster.
  • Image Bulk Upload: Upload up to 20 photos at a time.
  • SQL Database: Optimised database for faster searches and access to content.
  • Enquiry Manager: Enquiries from the online forms can be stored on the content management system for review.
  • Customise Form Responders: You will have the ability to customise your form auto responders.
  • Automatic 301 Redirects: When you rename your pages then the old links in the search engines will still point to these pages via 301 redirects.
  • Mail List Manager: Stores all e-mail addresses from Feedback, Enquiry Form and Mail List Sign-ups for e-mail marketing campaigns.
  • Structural Control: You will have control of the website structure and can easily add new sections & pages.
  • Integration with Facebook: When you add new content it can automatically be published onto Facebook if you need it to.
  • Meta Tag Management: This allows you to have control of the Page Titles and Meta descriptions.
  • Linked to Google Webmaster: The system will be linked to Google Webmaster so that the website will be more search engine friendly.
  • Private Pages: The system can be enabled to provide.
  • Content Scheduling: Choose when you content appears and removed.

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