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Pay Per


Pay Per Click Advertising is the fastest way to get guaranteed visitors to your website,
it is also the easiest to monitor, control and measure ROI.

Google AdWords is the largest and most successful Pay Per Click service giving you the biggest results and best return. Google AdWords enables you to promote your website on Google search results for specific search phases. You can set a specific budget for your campaign and your adverts then appear based on the amount you bid for each user to click i.e. the more you bid on your keyword the higher your advert will be placed and the more likely your advert will be clicked on.

Approx. 40% of google searches using commercial keywords will click on a google adverts.

Benefits of Pay Per Click

  • Works Immediately: Campaigns can be set-up quickly and changes such as new adverts and keywords appear instantly on google.
  • Guaranteed: You can have guaranteed traffic on your website within minutes.
  • Measure ROI: You can track spending and sales to measure your ROI.
  • Set Budget: You can limit the amount you spend per click or per day.
  • Tracking: Track calls, online enquiries or even transactions through conversion tracking allowing you to focus more of your budget on what works for you.
  • Target: Adverts can appear in certain regions and countries and at specific times. You can also target other websites and other platforms such as mobile users.

Our Service

  • Campaign Set-up: We will create your campaign, set regions, set budgets, create your adverts and select which keywords your adverts will appear for.
  • Keyword Research: We will research the best keywords for your target market and select these for your campaign.
  • No Contracts: There is no minimum time that you, need to run your campaign. You can stop at any time.
  • Tracking: We can set-up conversion tracking and call tracking.
  • Reviews: We will review your campaign and discuss results and options to improve your campaign and get a better ROI.
  • Reporting: You will receive e-mail reports on the campaign stats such as number of impressions, clicks and spend per advert.

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